Game of Thrones Eaglemoss® Collector’s Models Featured in Connected Digital World®

Connected Digital World just released a piece about the new Game of Thrones Official Collector’s Models from Eaglemoss, and says the “unique figurine collection features major characters from the multi-award-winning TV series captured in iconic poses taken from pivotal scenes in the TV series.”

To read the entire piece in Connected Digital World, click here!

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Celebrate Vinyl®’s Premiere with the Vinyl Soundtrack!

Vinyl, the long-anticipated HBO series set in 1970’s New York City has debuted! The show is a ride through the sex- and drug-addled music business at the dawn of punk, disco, and hip-hop, and now, you can take home its soundtrack: Vinyl: Music From the HBO Original Series Volume 1. Featuring artists like Otis Redding and Foghat, as well as original songs from the band at Vinyl’s center, The Nasty Bits, you’ll be sure to get your home rocking when you crank up the volume on these legendary tunes.
If you loved the music featured on Vinyl make sure and order your copy of the Soundtrack.
Order The Vinyl Soundtrack Now!

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The KnickSoundtrack Vol. 2 Now Available!

“The soundtrack to the second season of one of television’s most exciting shows, The Knick, is now available!
In Season 2, The Knick continues its examination of the lethal turn-of-the-century medicine practiced and perfected in the Knickerbocker Hospital under the eye of cocaine-addled chief surgeon Dr. Thackery (Clive Owen). The anachronistic electronic soundtrack features work by long-time Soderbergh collaborator and Season One composer Cliff Martinez (Drive, Only God Forgives) as well as pieces by emerging talent Gregory Tripi.
Listen to what The Rolling Stone describes as “the most compelling soundtrack on television right now. A complete anachronism, the composer constructed a postmodern and curious through-line for the series with droning, minimalistic synthesizer and guitar lines, warbling bass and chimes that seem to swoop down from nowhere.”
Read the full Rolling Stone article about the composer by clicking here.
Order the Soundtrack Now!

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GOT Risk Featured in Female First!

There’s no better way to gear up for season six of your favorite show, Game of Thrones, than by reliving all of your favorite moments by watching seasons one through five. And while you’re watching it with your friends, there’s no better way to ramp up the drama than by playing Game of Thrones RISK, which was just featured in Female First.
Check out what Female First called “an essential buy for all major fans of the television series and the Song of Ice and Fire novel series,” and “a great version of an old classic.”
“For fans of the series,” Female First writes, “this can get extremely competitive very quickly. You’ll take just minutes to slip into the roles of the armies you’re fighting for control with – slippery and cunning for the Lannisters and fighting for your lives with the Starks.
What’s more exciting than a Westeros map to battle on for Thrones’ most avid fans?”
We couldn’t agree more!
To read the entire piece, click here!
Check out Game of Thrones Risk Now!

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Pre-order The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst on DVD and Blu-ray!

Robert Durst, scion of NY’s billionaire real estate family has been accused of three murders over the past 30 years, but never convicted. Brilliant and reclusive, he has not spoken publicly until now. HBO presents the The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, the groundbreaking six-part series that tracks Durst’s strange history against the backdrop of unimaginable wealth and privilege. Directed and produced by Andrew Jarecki and produced and shot by Marc Smerling (the Oscar nominees behind Capturing the Friedmans), it exposes long-buried information discovered during their seven-year investigation of a series of unsolved crimes, and was made with the cooperation of the man suspected of being at its center.

Pre-Order Now!

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New from Game of Thrones

When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or your die. While the stakes might not be quite as high for your games of poker or solitaire, make sure their filled with just as much drama as your favorite show, with new Game of Thrones Series 2 Playing Cards!

Order Now!

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Treme® Season 4 and Complete Series Ships Today!

Amid the ruins of an American city, ordinary people musicians, chefs, residents find themselves clinging to a unique culture and wondering if the city that gave birth to that culture still has a future From the creators of The Wire comes Treme, a new series about adversity and the human spirit, set in New Orleans, in the aftermath of the greatest man-made disaster in American history. Welcome to Treme, now available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Shop Now!
Please Note: DVD and Blu-Ray only available for order in UK and Ireland.”

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