Halloween is Coming…

Prepare yourself for a fright! Halloween is one week from today, which means you don’t have much time left to get your costume ready!

Fortunately the HBO Shop has some spooky inspiration for those of you who are still stuck for ideas.

Mix and match these items, and dress up as one of your favourite HBO characters to stand out from the crowd on October 31st!

Game of Thrones

Explore our collection of Game of Thrones™ masks – they’re sure to frighten the life out of your friends and family this Halloween!

Game of Thrones Night King Mask

Get your Night King face on and lead your very own Army of the Dead into battle.

Game of Thrones The Mountain Mask

Ever wondered what’s behind The Mountain’s mask? This Halloween you could find out!

Silicon Valley

Looking for a costume that’s a little more low-key? Make a subtle nod to Silicon Valley™ with these items today!

Silicon Valley Hooli T-Shirt

Party like a hooligan when you wear this T-Shirt!

Silicon Valley Pied Piper Logo Mug

Pay tribute to the start-up that started it all with this original logo mug.

True Blood

Vamp up your wardrobe with merchandise from our True Blood™ boutique.

True Blood Merlotte’s Women’s Zip Up Hoodie

Ever wish you were a regular at Merlotte’s Bar and Grill? This True Blood Merlotte’s Women’s Zip Up Hoodie may just be the next best thing.

True Blood Bon Temps Football Men’s T-Shirt

Inspired by your favourite quarterback, Jason Stackhouse, this T-Shirt is sure to catch the attention of fellow Truebie’s this October!

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