Check Out Silicon Valley New Arrivals Inspired by this Week’s Episode

Show your love for Silicon Valley and the entire Pied Piper team, with new Silicon Valley T-shirts! This Silicon Valley Names T-shirt, featuring the names of the Pied Piper team members allows the guys to get their own moment of glory emblazoned across your torso.

Maybe sipping from a mug with a knowing and smug look on your face is more your style? Well, then not to worry! Check out this amazing Silicon Valley Logo mug. Use this mug during your late nights of coding and trying to figure out how to get your start up off the ground!

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Game of Thrones® Exhibition Visits Madrid!

Westeros comes to life at Game of Thrones: The Exhibition. Explore the fascinating world of Game of Thrones. Don’t miss your chance to sit in the Iron Throne. See the costumes, props, weapons, and more straight from the set.

Couldn’t make it to the Game of Thrones Exhibition in Madrid from April 29th-May 3rd? Check out items featured and available for purchase at the event including the Stark Fabric Messenger Bag and the Targaryen Pint Glass.

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Rock Stars pose as Game of Thrones Characters in Kerrang!

If you’ve ever fancied yourself a fan of both rock stars and Game of Thrones, then we have just the photoshoot for you!

Recently, Kerrang hosted a photo shoot with several rock stars posing as iconic characters from Game of Thrones, including Mikey Chapman as the Hound, Lzzy Hale as Daenerys Targaryen, and Andy Biersack as Jon Snow!

Check out the entire gallery here

Shop gear featured in the photoshoot from the Game of Thrones boutique, including the Hound’s Helm and Rheagal Dragon Egg Paperweight.

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Avenge the North with New Arrivals from House Stark!

The Boltons might currently reside at Winterfell, but the smaller houses of the North remain loyal to the family that bears the sigil of the Direwolf on their banner: House Stark. Join the Stark children and Avenge the North with New Arrivals to the HBO Shop, including the Game of Thrones Stark Raglan T-shirt, and Stark Infantry Shield!

Bend the Knee to House Stark!

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Celebrate the Silicon Valley® Premiere with New Arrivals!

Silicon Valley is no place for the faint of heart. With potentially millionsor even billions –on the line, angel investors and Venture capitalists always look to leaders and technology wizzes with proven track records of success. That’s probably why Erlich has gotten so farand why he never fails to mention his success with Aviato. Now, just in time for the Silicon Valley premiere, you can fly just as high (fashion-wise, that is) as Erlich with a super-cool Aviato t-shirt!

Goolybib more your style? Not to worry! Now, you can show off your love for their integrated multi-platform functionality in style with this Goolybib shirt, new to the HBO Shop!

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Game of Thrones In the News – Time Out Blog

The Dothraki language is so versatile, it can be translated for use in all types of situations, not just the desert landscapes the Dothraki are used to. At least, that’s what Time Out says, which just featured the Living Language Dothraki in a recent article!

With Living Language Dothraki, you’ll be armed with proper Dothraki phrases, like “Mind the gap” and “Eyeliner is a great look on a warrior king,” to be used whenever you like!

Try out some of these other favorites from the Time Out post that might help you this Summer:

“Where is the swimming pool?” = Finne Tozara”
“Does it ever stop raining?” = Hash eyel nem nakha atthasat avvos?”

Read the whole piece here!

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New Arrivals from Game of Thrones® Inspired By This Week’s Episode!

After a long and bitterly cold winter, Game of Thrones is back where it rightfully belongs: your television! On this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, Stannis temps Jon with an interesting offer and Dany continues to learn what it means to be a ruler.

Shop items inspired by this week’s episode including the Pocket Pop Jon Snow Keychain and Distressed Targaryen Sigil Zip Hoodie. Take your favorite Night’s Watchman with you wherever you go and pledge your loyalty to the Mother of Dragons with this new zip up hoodie.

Check out these new arrivals and others when you visit the Game of Thrones boutique! Tune in Mondays to see what’s in store this season.

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New Seen-On Game of Thrones® Replicas Now Available

Step into the world of Westeros and own a piece of your favorite television series with new seen-on replicas from Game of Thrones. Perhaps you swooned for Robb Stark, and his sword would look lovely above your fireplace? Or maybe you want to join the Mother of Dragon’s army and fight for her honor as an Unsullied Soldier!

Made with incredible attention to detail and painstakingly modeled after props from Game of Thrones, these replicas will make a great gift for a friend, a family member, of yourself!

Take a closer look! 

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Host a Game of Thrones ® Viewing Party Fit for a King!

Want to be the envy of all of Westeros? Throw a Game of Thrones viewing party for the ages with drinkware, coffee table books, and more from your favorite show!

From planning with a Game of Thrones notebook, to festivities like practicing your Dothraki, to getting comfortable by settling into some Game of Thrones cushions, Invision Community suggested all kinds of great ideas to help you host the ultimate viewing party!

Host a viewing party “fit for a king” with these five steps, courtesy of Invision Community!

Read the entire Invision Community article here!

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